Irish Banking Culture Board hosts inaugural Proud to Work in Banking Awards

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17th May: Last night the Irish Banking Culture Board (IBCB) hosted the inaugural Proud to work in Banking Awards to celebrate staff whose behaviours align with IBCB values and lead to enhanced customer’s outcomes.  

The Proud to work in Banking Awards have been established to recognise staff across the IBCB’s member banks (AIB, Bank of Ireland and PTSB) whose behaviours stand out and enhance staff’s ability to feel proud to work in banking.

The purpose of the awards is to:

  • Encourage and recognise behaviours of staff across member banks that align with the IBCB’s values,
  • Promote and highlight positive stories internally and externally,
  • Celebrate how staff across IBCB member banks are driving cultural change for the benefit of the sector, and,
  • Support staff to feel proud to work in banking.  

The Award categories are aligned to the IBCB’s purpose and values and founded on the lessons learned from the past:

  • Customer focus
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Accountability
  • Respect and Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Speaking Up & Psychological Safety

The awards were conducted on a peer nomination basis – meaning colleagues could nominate their fellow team members both from their immediate business units and across their bank, for initiatives and circumstances that made them feel proud. The IBCB received more than 450 nominations for the Awards. This is a testament to the positive behaviours demonstrated by staff contributing hugely to a healthy culture across the banking sector.

The event was attended by more than 120 banking staff, including shortlisted nominees, nominators who submitted the nominations and senior leaders across IBCB member banks. It was also attended by the directors of the IBCB Board and some key stakeholders from across the industry. The event celebrated the behaviours of the finalists and winners and recognised them for the great customer outcomes they have facilitated and for their contributions to positive cultural change across the industry.

Speaking about the event, IBCB Chairman Mr. Justice John Hedigan said: “To serve customer needs well, the industry requires great staff. Building a sector people can feel proud to work in is pivotal to attracting and retaining talent, now and into the future. We are delighted to host the inaugural IBCB Proud to work in Banking Awards this evening as a way of highlighting just some of the current talent and great behaviours across the sector”.

Speaking at the event, Marion Kelly, CEO, IBCB said: “Bank staff do great work and their efforts have been crucial to the improvement in banking culture in recent years. That is the reason why these awards were set up- to pay tribute to staff who work hard in meeting customers every need. Staff in AIB, Bank of Ireland and PTSB support customers in every town and village across the country providing not just day-to-day banking services but also leading a wide range of initiatives enhancing financial inclusion and financial awareness which have far-reaching societal and environmental benefits.

“Significant progress has been made in improving culture in the banking sector in Ireland. It is important that we continually learn and always seek to drive cultural change. Banking workers are central to driving these cultural changes. It is essential that the sector is facilitated in celebrating all that it does well in particular how the over 19,000 staff employed in branches, call centres and Head Office functions demonstrate every day the values and behaviours supported by the IBCB in their interactions with customers and each other.”


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Notes to Editors

People can follow the Proud to Work in Banking campaign on LinkedIn and Instagram by searching the #proudtoworkinbanking.

More information on the IBCB Proud to work in Banking Awards can be found on the IBCB website.

About the Irish Banking Culture Board:

The Irish Banking Culture Board is an independent industry initiative funded by the retail banks in Ireland (Allied Irish Banks, Bank of Ireland & PTSB) with the purpose of working with their member banks to build trustworthiness to assist the industry in regaining public trust. The Board is independent with a non-banking majority, whose members are drawn from across Irish society. The role of the IBCB is to be an independent voice advocating for cultural change in the Irish banking industry. The IBCB is focused on culture and behavioural change in our member banks, in the knowledge that a changed culture will change outcomes.

The IBCB is not a lobbying or representative organisation. It does not act as a regulatory body nor duplicate the work of individual banks, the BPFI or the regulator. For more information


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