Irish Banking Culture Board hosts ‘Proud to Work in Banking’ event for bank staff

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The Irish Banking Culture Board (IBCB) yesterday hosted an event for bank staff and employees where they shared their recent research which focused on staff’s ability to feel ‘Proud to Work in Banking’. The IBCB 2021 éist staff survey found that Irish staff’s sense of being proud to work in banking sits at 57% across the sector, which is 16 points below the global financial services benchmark. While many factors impact feedback from employees in being proud to work in banking, the IBCB is keen to ensure it is playing its part to increase the dial as it continues its work with the industry to facilitate cultural change. 

The event allowed the IBCB to collect direct feedback from staff and employees to ensure the industry is learning lessons from the mistakes of the past and a more balanced discourse on an industry that has changed significantly in recent years, which is integral to economic success, may start to take place.


Speaking about the event, IBCB CEO, Marion Kelly, said:

“The future success of the Irish Banking sector is largely dependent on the thousands of bank staff working across the industry. It is very concerning that Irish bank staff report lower levels of organisational pride than their peers in other jurisdictions. To ensure that customers’ needs are well served, it is vital that the industry can attract and retain talent, both now and in the future. Understanding and addressing the issues that are impacting bank staff’s sense of pride in their roles and organisations is therefore essential and this is why we in the IBCB have been focusing on this topic in recent months, culminating in yesterday’s event and the publication of our report today.”

Marion Kelly, IBCB CEO

View the report here

éist – IBCB 2022 Proud to work in Banking report

Main Photo:
Marion Kelly, CEO, IBCB
John Hedigan, Chair, IBCB
Jade McDonagh, Head of Bank Staff Policy and Governance, IBCB
Ger Mitchell, Chief HR Officer and Director of Corporate Development, PTSB
Jim O’Keeffe, Managing Director, AIB Retail Banking
Oliver Wall, Group Chief of Staff and Head of Corporate Affairs, Bank of Ireland


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