Vision and

The Irish Banking Culture Board (IBCB) was established in April 2019, and is an independent industry initiative, fully funded by the five retail banks currently operating in Ireland (Allied Irish Banks, Bank of Ireland, KBC Bank Ireland, Permanent TSB & Ulster Bank).

The IBCB’s purpose is to work with our member banks to build trustworthiness in order to assist the industry in regaining public trust. To do this, it is essential that culture and behavioural change are prioritised at the most senior levels in our member banks, from Board level down. We work with our member banks and a wide range of other stakeholders to achieve this with the aim of promoting an environment where ethical behaviour lies at the heart of banking; fair customer outcomes are achieved; staff are supported and reputation for competence is rediscovered.

The IBCB is not a regulator and is not an industry body. We recognise that the restoration of trust in an industry which has been the subject of so many challenges and issues will not be easy but, we are confident that, over time, we can contribute to positively changing bank culture to the benefit of the two cohorts most impacted by this culture – bank customers and bank staff.

The IBCB requires our participating banks improve culture, customer outcomes and competence.

Rooted in the knowledge that a changed culture will change outcomes, we promote ethical behaviour and advocate for humanity, decency and respect in the banking sector.