Work Programme

Core areas of focus 2020–22

A key role of the IBCB is to measure progress on behaviour and cultural change in our member banks. We conducted our first such research in 2018 with bank customers and wider stakeholders as well as with bank staff. In order to assess how issues identified in 2018 had evolved in the intervening period, we developed our revised approach to assessment over the course of 2020. We partnered with Edelman Intelligence and Karian and Box in the development of these surveys which were run in February and March 2021 under the banner of ‘éist’. We selected the Irish word éist, which means listen, because in our discussions with bank customers and staff we frequently hear that people want banks to listen to their views more and then act on that feedback. Further details on the results of our 2021 surveys can be found on our website here:

IBCB 2021 éist Public Trust in Banking Survey

IBCB éist 2021 Survey of bank culture

The findings of these surveys are used to inform our Work Programme. The IBCB will continue to refresh this research as part of our ongoing programmes of work.

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Why Éist?

Éist is an Irish language word which means listen.

We expressly selected this word as since the IBCB was established, one of the most consistent pieces of feedback we have received from bank staff and bank customers alike is that they want banks to listen to them more and to then act on that feedback.

We recognise that Ireland today is diverse, drawn from many cultural and ethnic backgrounds, many have never learned Irish, and even for those who have, it is probably long forgotten at this stage! If you would like to know how to pronounce Éist correctly, the link below may be helpful.

Our Work Programme is comprised of three pillars of focus;

One focussing on internal aspects of bank culture – including issues such as Ethics & Behaviour, Speaking Up (& being heard) and Staff Pressures (including Pride);

The second pillar focusses on external and more customer impacting issues such as Respectful and Transparent Communications and Financial Awareness, particularly for specific customer groups such as Customers in a Vulnerable position and SMEs & Farmers.

and, the third pillar will focus on Citizenship and Society, which is focussed on the societal role and contribution of the Irish banking industry.

Individual accountability is a cornerstone of positive behaviour and culture and this underpins our entire work programme. The Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR)  is a priority area of focus for us.