Work Programme

Core areas of focus 2020–22

The Year Two workstream themes are described in more detail below:

Customer Workstreams

Financial Awareness has been recognised as priority area of focus, in particular in relation to;
  1. Customers who are vulnerable as result of personal indebtedness/other issues such as bereavement etc., and;
  1. SMEs (including Farmers) in relation to access to credit/other products to manage impact of Covid 19

Citizenship & Society Workstreams

Culture means many things to many people. The initial activities of the IBCB were focussed on particular aspects of cultural change which would resonate with the IBCB’s key stakeholders. For this reason, we decided initially to ask for, listen to and act on the views of those two cohorts of stakeholders most impacted by bank culture – bank staff and bank customers.

Prior to our establishment in 2019 we conducted two pieces of research in this regard. Firstly, we commissioned the UK Banking Standards Board (BSB) to conduct a survey in October 2018 of the 25,000 bank staff across our founding member banks to gauge their views on the internal culture of their institutions. Secondly, we conducted a Public and Stakeholder Consultation exercise.

The findings of these two pieces of research were published in two separate reports in April 2019. These findings set the baseline of what the perceptions are of banking culture in Ireland and what needs to change. These findings were also used to inform our year one Work Programme.  The IBCB will continue to refresh this research as part of our ongoing programmes of work.

Our Year Two Work Programme is comprised of three pillars of focus;

One focussing on internal aspects of bank culture – including issues such as Ethics & Behaviour, Speaking Up (& being heard) and Staff Pressures and Resilience;

the second pillar focusses on external and more customer impacting issues such as Communications and Financial Awareness, particularly for specific customer groups such as Customers in a Vulnerable position, SMEs & Farmers & Financial Awareness;

and, the third pillar will focus on Citizenship and Society, which is focussed on the societal role and contribution of the banking industry.