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Staff Pressures & Resilience

The Staff survey we conducted found that a significant number of bank staff have said they feel under excessive pressure to perform at work. They also feel that working at their firm is having a negative impact on their health and well-being.

A working group has been formed with senior representation from our five member banks and including sponsors from the Irish Banking Culture Board to collaboratively discuss staff pressures and resilience.

Following our initial session with the working group on Staff Pressures and Resilience we decided to schedule a workshop with staff from various levels across our five member banks, to explore further the issues relating to staff pressures which were identified in the IBCB staff survey 2018.

Three workshops were held in regionally Q1 2020. IBCB selected the attendees based of a variety of metrics to ensure diversity of thought at the sessions. Staff who attended the event found it extremely worthwhile and engaging. The outputs of these workshops now form part of our work programme for 2020.

Please see below our key findings and the key themes which were the outputs from the workshops with bank staff. We have fed these themes back to our members banks who are going to now consider them and what actions they can take internally.

[1] Source: IBCB Employee Survey 2018

Feedback from staff on these events:

‘The interactivity between multiple staff members was great. It made us feel that our problems weren’t our problems alone. We might sport different ‘brand names’, but a collective identity in relation to the problems we face was an eye opener.

What surprised me was that even though people in similar roles were sitting together at the tables, many of the issues faced were consistent across all 5 organisations.

Key Findings
55% of all employees said that they felt under pressure to perform at work.
49% in functions – 62% in retail This jumped to 70% in Branch staff
33% of employees said that working in their firm had a negative impact on their health and well-being.
49% in Retail Branch staff
Top 20 words used in the survey to describe organisations
Key themes which were outputs from the workshops

Lack of resources

Realise efficiencies before reducing headcount

Collaboration v silos

A day in the life of / Trading places programmes

Performance Assessment

Performance review and the ‘Bell Curve’

Regulation and compliance

Pressures from the Regulator


Retirement planning & support

Work / Life Balance

Flexibility v right to switch off