Irish Banking Culture Board Partners with Inclusion Ireland to progress Financial Inclusion 

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The Irish Banking Culture Board (IBCB) today hosted a Financial Inclusion event attended by its member banks, Inclusion Ireland, people from across Ireland with intellectual disabilities and other key stakeholders. The event is part of an IBCB initiative to support people with intellectual disabilities towards financial independence. 

In 2023, the IBCB, in collaboration with Inclusion Ireland held customer listening sessions across Ireland to meet people with intellectual disabilities and to learn from their interactions with the IBCB’s member banks. The insights gained provided valuable, firsthand information on how their banking needs could be met and what actions the banks could take to better support financial inclusion. 

Speaking about the event, Marion Kelly, CEO of the IBCB, said: “Financial Inclusion is a cornerstone of the work programme of the IBCB and through our éist surveys, and the customer listening sessions, we are working to highlight its importance for people with intellectual disabilities and people who need additional support with their banking. Our member banks have a range of supports available for customers who require enhanced assistance in their banking lives”. 

The event also launched the IBCB ‘Banking How To’ guides, which were developed based on feedback from the customer listening sessions. The guides are in an easy-to-read format to help people with some common banking transactions. Marion Kelly continued: “The IBCB, along with our member banks created four guides for lodging funds into a bank account, making a bank transfer, paying a bill, or rent, and setting up a standing order. The guides are designed to support and empower people with financial independence and to facilitate positive engagement with banking services.” 

Emer O’Shea, Community Manager for Inclusion Ireland said “Inclusion Ireland has welcomed the opportunity to work with the Irish Banking Culture Board to empower the voice of people with intellectual disabilities. Rather than overprotecting or disempowering individuals the financial sector is supporting people with intellectual disabilities to control and make choices about their own money. Under the UNCRPD this is a right and an important part of living an independent life.” 


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