IBCB Employee Survey 2018

In relation to Bank staff, it was essential to gauge the views of the almost 25,000 staff working in the 5 founding banks. This process needed to be independent, confidential and based off a rigorous and proven survey methodology. For this reason, we engaged the UK Banking Standards Board to carry out the survey using their highly respected methodology which has been used to survey over 70,000 UK banking staff annually since 2015.

The survey of Irish banking staff was conducted in October 2018 and comprised 37 questions grouped into 9 themes of Honesty; Respect; Openness; Accountability; Competence; Reliability; Resilience; Responsiveness and Shared Purpose. The response rate was high – with almost 60% of staff completing the survey.

Key Findings
  • 75% of respondents said that their organisation’s purpose and values were meaningful to them. However, nearly one-fifth of staff see a conflict between their bank’s stated values and how business is done;
  • 85% said that they saw their colleagues go the extra mile to meet the needs of customers, and 83% of employees said that they were encouraged to provide information to customers in a way that helps them make the right decisions. However, 19% of employees said that they did not believe that their bank put customers at the centre of business decisions;
  • 34% of all employees said that they had wanted to raise a concern at work over the last 12 months. These concerns related most commonly to actions not in the best interest of customers, to bullying or to ignoring internal policies. Of those who have raised a concern, less than 2 in 5 felt that these had been listened to and taken seriously;
  • Over half of all employees said that they feel under excessive pressure at work and 33% said that this was having a negative impact on their health and well-being;
  • 91% of staff said that their colleagues act in an honest & ethical way. However, almost 15% of staff stated that they have seen instances where unethical behaviour was rewarded and 20% stated it was difficult to make career progression without flexing their ethical standards.
Each of the 5 banks has received its own report in relation to the survey and is addressing the findings through their own individual cultural programmes. This IBCB publication encompasses the industry level findings, and 3 of these themes, namely Speaking Up, Ethics & Behaviour & Staff Stress & Resilience are priorities within the IBCB’s year one Work Programme.
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